Classic American Schwinn in Minnesota


A customer in Minnesota used one of our Gyes GS-13-1 fully sprung saddles in black on a classic Schwinn build.  In his words:

It is a 1972 Schwinn “Heavy-Duti” newspaper boy’s bike, that I have owned for years. It has a Nexus three speed with coaster brake on it, as, at my age, one speed is a bit tough on me.

The original wheels only take Schwinn size rubber, so I’m using these aluminum 303 wheels that take any 26” size - I have balloon tires on it at the moment.

The gen-set light is something interesting from back in the day-a 12 volt, 6 watt system that is more like a motorcycle headlight in use. 1972 vintage also.

I use it for grocery and beer store runs, hitting the park with my 6 year old, and anytime I will be riding at night. I don’t have lighting on any of my other bikes.

The Gyes seat is the best part of the bike. Very comfortable, even on longer rides.


Reno Moto Bikes Latest Build

Nick at Reno Moto Bikes builds, as you might guess, motorized bikes.  A handful of Gyes saddles have been honored with the pride of place on some of his bikes.  This is one of their latest builds, using the GS-10 model in Honey Brown.  The GS-10 has dual springs in at the rear and a single spring at the front for optimal comfort… even if it is not optimal weight.

Underside Nose Details

So I recently had a customer who needed to replace a broken rail and he needed some more detailed photos of the underside of the Gyes GS-07 saddle.  So, just in case you’re looking for more detailed photos of what the saddle looks like, here you go. 

This one is the GS-07 in tan.

Restore by unsettledskies

A customer wrote up the restoration project of his dad’s old english touring bike.  He does it in a comic book/graphic novel style, and it’s very cool and worth checking out.

Check out his blog (unsettledskies) for the details, that’s the only way to do it justice.  He used the Gyes GS-07 saddle, and we are happy to have a small part in it!

Schwinn Varsity Every Day Ride

A customer who recently purchased the Gyes GS-07 saddle in Brown sent a few pictures of the ride he put it on.  I figure it’s best to let his own words speak for themselves:

"I ride pretty much every day after work, but, I’m not a distance guy.  Usually, just my five year old son and I heading to the playground. We have a beautiful bike trail system here in Blaine, and I’ll just ride by myself if nobody wants to come. I don’t spend much time on my drop bar 10 speeds anymore, it hurts my back after a while.

Our bike trails are all paved here, and I ride until it snows. Then the bikes hang in the garage.

I have two English bikes with Brooks seats installed, a 1967 Sprite internal hub 5 speed, and a 1969 Sprite internal hub 5 speed that I converted to 3 speed. Anyway, the Gyes seat is every bit as good as the Brooks seats as far as I am concerned.”

Notice how the apparent color of the saddle changes with slightly different lighting conditions/angles.

Buck Rogers Steam Punk TT Machine

One of our customers out in Austin was building a self described “Jules Vern style steam punk time trail bike thingy,” and he decided to top it off with a Gyes GS-06H in black.

Now that it’s pretty much built, he’s settled on “the Buck Rogers TT bike.” Is that a hip flask I see there for a “water” bottle?

Ben Allen’s Classy Wooden Cruisers

Ben Allen of Allen Woodworks sent me a few more pictures of his bikes, the saddles he’s using are the Gyes GS-13-1 in Brown:

* Dual coil springs rear / Single coil spring front
* Textured top
* 280mm L x 250mm W
* DUAL RAIL: Comes with seat clamp for use with 7/8” straight seatpost

If you look closely at the bike in the background, it looks like he’s done a custom inscription on one of them.  Very nice bikes!

Classy, Classic Schwinn - REAL beach cruiser!

One of our customers in San Diego likes to take his classic Schwinn out riding around the beach area.  He’s had the saddle for a few years and says the leather has broken in quite nicely. This bike looks real nice, and we are real proud he chose the Gyes GS-16 in Honey Brown to top it of. 

Gyes stands by their saddles and workmanship.  A month or two ago, the rails on the saddle broke.  It was clearly a manufacturing defect, so we worked with Gyes in Taiwan to get him a replacement rail.  He should be back up and riding again any day now. 

Ridden Accross the US, Now Restored

One of our customers emailed me recently with a picture of the bike he recently restored, using a Gyes GS-06H in black to finish it off.  In his own words:

"My dad rode this across the usa about 35 years ago. It’s been sitting in our attic, and I recently took it down and put some work into it." 

Very cool.

Inspiration: 1909 Harley Davidson

Nick Fagalde from Reno Motobikes in Reno, NV builds motorized bikes, and tops some of them off with Gyes Saddles like this one.  In this case he used a Gyes GS-16 saddle in Brown.  He says his inspiration was a picture of an old 1909 Harley.  I like it… hope everyone else gets a kick out of it, too…